I am a highly driven full-stack software engineer experienced in using many web technologies and passionate about building highly scalable and performant web applications.

Work Experience

Purely Functional

Full-Stack Engineer | Jul 2015 - Present | purelyfunctional.co

  • Developed and maintains Kubernetes clusters on AWS.
  • Developed client-side single-page applications for clients and internal products using frameworks such as React and Angular.
  • Integrates with 3rd party APIs for scalable web applications.
  • Developed backend tools, applications, microservices and APIs using NodeJS, Go, and Python.


Front-End Developer | 2015

  • Developed the client-side social media web/mobile application with MeteorJS.

La Pietra Summer Tech Program

Goma Games | Teacher's Assistant | 2015

  • Assisted middle school students with javascript game development during the summer program.